Managing insomnia in the elderly: What to give and avoid

Managing insomnia in the elderly: What to give and avoid

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Elderly patients with insomnia should be managed with cognitive behavioural therapy in the first-line setting, with the goal of treating comorbid conditions and using benzodiazepines and non-benzodiazepine receptor agonists as last resorts, according to a recent literature review.
5 Dec 2016 - General
I would always advice my patients to go for natural remedies before taking hypnotics to treat insomnia as you will most probably be addicted and dependent on it for the rest of your life! Remedies like warm milk, having a relaxing massage, having a s...
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In our region, there are few mental health specialists who practice cognitive behavioral therapy for patients who are suffering from insomnia. Moreover, there are very few patients who consult psychiatrist for this reason. Majority of insomnias in th...
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Insomnia is a major disorder, especially in the senile population. Although there are several medications to treat it, some basic home steps can also help in managing this condition. Regular exercise, sufficient intake of sunlight and some dietary mo...
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It is really needed topic as insomnia is very common in old age and it is very troublesome for patients. Insomnia in elderly patients is managed critically by analyzing what to give and what to avoid. According to researchers an ideal treatment for i...
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