A guide to setting up your own pharmacy

A guide to setting up your own pharmacy

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If you have a medical and/or pharmaceutical background and are thinking about starting your own business, opening your own pharmacy might be an option worth considering.
5 Dec 2016 - General
I'm sure it's no surprise to most of you when told that many pharmacists venture into retail business without completing a comprehensive feasibility study before hand. Most of them simply bet their money on gut feelings. It is somewhat like going ocean sailing without mastering skills of handling the boat, without carrying adequate fuel, food, drinking water, medicines, and above all a compass. In such a case, the endeavor is not so much a “business venture”, but more of an outright gamb...
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My family wanted to get a franchise of a pharmacy before. My dad was offering my sisters and I capital for it, and he said we should do the research. It never happened. I was just a few years into private practice and I couldn't get the commitment of my sisters to play their part, because I cannot do it on my own. Back then my boyfriend's sister was a pharmacy grad and she was supposed to hook me up with her schoolmates. Maybe we should've done it. Maybe I should've done it myse...
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Olivia Devi starting a business requires to invest a money but require business skills to run it effectively and smoothly. We can consult an fellow pharmacist who owns pharmacy for tips about licensing procedures and necessary things as told by Heena Pohani . ...
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Starting your own pharmacy is much like starting any other business, however, there are special permits to complete and considerations you have to think about. Here in the Philippines, before opening a drugstore, you should already have a pharmacist who will be doing the processing of licenses with various government departments. Also, you can also decide if you want to run an independent pharmacy or a franchise. Many franchises already offer assistance setting up plus initial inventory, so its ...
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