In Rare Disorder, Woman's Immune System Attacks Her Own Brain

In Rare Disorder, Woman's Immune System Attacks Her Own Brain

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A new case report in The New England Journal of Medicine describes a case of anti-NMDA receptor encephalitis, a rare autoimmune disorder that affects the brain.
5 Dec 2016 - General
It is rare diseases, therefore, I have not heard about it before your post. It looks strange and miserable at the same time because her immune system is fighting with her brain that is why she cannot behave normally. She is experiencing anti-NMDA rec...
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Thanks for sharing these links Madhubabu kaaja . Based on my personal experience, the most common autoimmune disease that I have encountered is multiple sclerosis. It is an episodic demyelin...
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I found following from web search which may helpful to you, me and all HCPs.

1. The disease is a brand new and first identified in 2007.
2. It affects males also, A 16 year teenage guy admitted into hospitalized with unknown condition in...
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Well, autoimmune encephalopathy is not as rare as people believe it to be. I have personally encountered a couple of patients. It is often a diagnosis of exclusion because other causes like infectious,metabolic, vascular encephalopathies are more com...
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Personally, I have never encountered this condition. I also tried looking for its incidence in Asian countries but there's none. Perhaps this is due to the fact this presents as a diagnostic challenge. It is good that tests are available in that ...
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