Nurses are ‘most trusted profession’ finds new poll

Nurses are ‘most trusted profession’ finds new poll

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Nurses are the most trusted profession, suggests a poll in which participants rated them more trustworthy than fellow public sector workers including doctors, teachers and the police.
6 Dec 2016 - General
I am glad to read that majority of the general public trust nursing professionals. I also desire the same for doctors and other professionals who belong to the healthcare industry. Trust is important in forming a therapeutic alliance and based on my ...
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Well it is quite interesting thing to know that people trust nurses more than doctors. The situation in my country must be different in my opinion. Here, doctors are the first contact persons to any patient and it is the doctors they open up to. What...
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Healthcare profession is more trustful profession as we all known. Out of all people believes Nurses in speaking truth. It is an interesting fact I came to know after survey reported on about 1000+ public people. Express your opinions and feelings in...
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