5 useful Firefox add-ons for healthcare professionals

5 useful Firefox add-ons for healthcare professionals

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A browser add-on is a software that increases the functionality of an Internet browser. For healthcare professionals, Firefox has a selection of add-ons that you can install to customise your browser to any professional needs.
6 Dec 2016 - General
One thing I noticed with Firefox is , as you add more Add-ons, it becomes excruciatingly slow. But the only reason I still use is I have saved a pile of user credentials in it. Google Chrome sends too much of information - even anonymously to its servers. You may not want to leave a trail on the kind of information you are researching on. That leaves Internet Explorer - which surprisingly is compact and fast for most purposes in Windows.

I have been using the Complete Anatomy Applicat...
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web browsers using firefox for easy browsing experience than compared to internet explorer and next using chrome and opera are major browsers using today. Firefox is famous for extensions especially youtube downloader to download you tube movies, songs etc. My primary choice for browsing is chrome and for slow data connection opera. I use antivirus and add-blocker add ons in chrome. I am happy to see healthcare add-ons in firefox. I tried anatomicus extension which is useful for ready reference ...
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