House calls as an effective way to reduce soaring medical costs

House calls as an effective way to reduce soaring medical costs

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To save money and to improve care, the US Medicare model is going back to the basics in medicine by reintroducing house calls by physicians.
6 Dec 2016 - General
As I've mentioned in another post, I watch "Call the Midwife" and it being set in the 1950s and 1960s, house calls were the norm. In "Downton Abbey" the people had the privilege of house calls. Of course, not all healthcare needs can be managed through house calls, but there are cases where care would be best in this manner. Of course, for this to be efficient and more functional, community hospitals have to be properly mapped, so that house calls would be effectively ach...
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Habiba Twakkol If we go back to 30 years there doctors visits patient at home where patient unable to go to doctor or where there is no transport facility. In India, house calling is dramatically reduced in all most all areas due to raise in public at hospital and clinics and I am happy to see our Asian countries practising now also. But cost and doctor availability yet to decide to practise in our Asian countrie...
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Home visit is a good way to help in the reduction of the rising costs of consultations of our sick elderly. Plus it will also help them to live in convenience minus the hassle in time and effort. This is such a great help for the geriatric community to lessen the buren of going back and forth to clinics in the city, sacrificing their time against the long waiting lists in hospital clinics. This is a much easier approach because they can choose their own schedule from the comfort of their home. I...
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