Medical professors share 3 challenges as teacher

Medical professors share 3 challenges as teacher

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Other than compensation, there are several challenges medical professors have to deal with and overcome in their bid to develop the next batch of doctors.
6 Dec 2016 - General
Medical field is changing at a rapid pace and the medical professors have to face many problems as teachers. Due to constant developments in this field, the students have to be taught the recent ideas and practices, also making them strong with the i...
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Teaching is the best profession I consider because it can educate us along with our students as we stay in touch with all profession related trends and activities. it is also true as said by ...
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It is really very challenging to teach sometimes. I also had my share of teaching experiences when I filled in for my mentor. I participated in group teaching sessions with medical students and it requires a certain skill to catch their attention. Pe...
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I think eventhough you have all the knowledge of the theories but doesn't have a gift on how to captivate the minds of your students, it would be the very first challenge of becoming a professor. We could no longer but to agree with this right? W...
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