Many new cancer drugs not listed on MOH Malaysia’s Formulary

Many new cancer drugs not listed on MOH Malaysia’s Formulary

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Although many newer targeted therapies have been available in the market, they have yet to be listed on the Health Ministry’s Medicines Formulary, hampering easy accessibility for patients in need of treatment.
6 Dec 2016 - General
Mahmoud AbdelAziz the government should make a screening on the factors causing increase in the budget and start to manage it.
Cancer is a deadly disease and its medications should be a...
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It must have something to do with the report a few weeks ago that the incidence and prevalence rates of cancer are obsolete. This means that budget allocation for these drugs will not be up-to-date too and is probably the main reason why more of thes...
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Oncology drugs and therapy are well known for providing marginal benefits while requiring high costs to obtain. In attempting to maximize the impact for each dollar spend, it is important for countries to really consider if a certain medication is to...
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Cancer drugs are known to be very expensive and out of reach of reach of many patients' budgets. That is why it is essential for governments to provide it to its citizens especially for those cannot afford it. It is sad to witness the impact of b...
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