6 wearables that will change the landscape of healthcare

6 wearables that will change the landscape of healthcare

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Although currently under-the-radar, wearables and smart technologies - some on the skin, some subdermal and some just on our smartphones - promise to change the landscape of healthcare as we know it today.
6 Dec 2016 - General
Technology has revolutionized the field of healthcare and the introduction of various types of wearables has made collecting and processing patient information and other data very easy and thus has reduced the workload of the healthcare professionals...
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As we know technology is making our lives easier day by day and it is also obvious in health care community because of the splendid inventions day by day. Different types of wearable are very helpful in treatment diseases such as a bionic eye for vis...
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The introduction of wearables provide a brand new level of healthcare. The body implants have already helped a lot in some aspects such as contraceptives and insulin devices. They will help majorly with both long term conditions and poor compliance o...
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