3 misconceptions medical students have about becoming a doctor

3 misconceptions medical students have about becoming a doctor

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Becoming a doctor or physician is one of the most popular career choices - however, many medical students seem to have some misconceptions about the job. Let's look  at some of these.
6 Dec 2016 - General
There are many misconceptions that we have as students. I can totally relate to this article. One can enter mendicine and be successful if one's parents are in the same field or lot of hard work is required or one has to struggle a lot before setting up the clinic or only a clinic can give you a good earning- there are so many misconceptions. What I do is to keep the head empty and do what I like doing. Of course, one has to gain some knowledge and know some practical things about what one i...
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Haha #3. You know when I was in high school, I really loved Science (Biology especially) but thought that I wasn't too brainy for Medicine so when I saw my uncle's and aunt's life as a dentist--I knew it was what I wanted. Also, I was a cheerleader in highschool and dancing was my priority back then. When I got into University and I developed better studying habits, I realized, I could've done Medicine. But anyway, I love being a dentist. I cannot imagine myself not being one. Mi...
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As a fresh medical graduate, I agree with everything mentioned in this article. Nothing is guaranteed. Anything can influence our career future. Starting from the country of your nationality, your university, your stress coping abilities and of course how high your dreams are as well. However, I don't regret choosing this path even if the plan didn't precisely go as initially anticipated while other may regret badly. Every career has its ups and downs. I totally recommend medical student...
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