Staying up: Adjusting to the night shift

Staying up: Adjusting to the night shift

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Healthcare professionals inevitably have to take on night shifts to keep a hospital running, which is likely to take a toll. Here are some pointers for adjusting as well as possible.
6 Dec 2016 - General
Night shift is really challenging for morning people. However for me, i actually like having night shifts. For reasons of having less paper works, no visitors and very quite environment. It is really stress free. Lol. Like what Kathleen shared, we usually bring out our food when we feel that we are already sleepy. That can happen between 3am-4am. And productive conversation comes in. And the best portion after this is our nap time. Taking turns after the other. I am just lucky that most of my co...
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Kathleen Peralta night shifts can help make very good memories at the workplace actually. in emergency room, when midnight comes everything cools down and we start chitchatting while having our sweet drinks. I really miss these good moments. Heena Pohani Surgeons always kind of envy dentists for not having night shifts hahaha. So...
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