Up to 114 years prison term for government doctor

Up to 114 years prison term for government doctor

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A government doctor loses her license and will face a prison sentence of up to 114 years for falsifying time records that enabled her to work and receive pay from two difference health facilities.
6 Dec 2016 - General
Theekshana Abayawickrama That's what I thought too. 114 years is actually more than the lifetime imprisonment for murderers and plunderers. It is also disturbing that these things happened more than ten years ago already, and it's only being addressed now. It's true that a lot of doctors "moonlight" for second or even third jobs just to receive a comfortable salary. Would like to ask other c...
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It is definitely a sad news. Still, the government should follow the laws and lay down strict rules so that the incidence of tragedies are eliminated. Compensation is good as it can help the dependent family financial stability but still it doesn't solve the problem. I think bigger reforms need to be done so that crimes don't take place. There are few countries in the world where the law works in a different way and they have taken such influential steps that their prisons are nearly emp...
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This is a sad plight for the one who's guilty of this. It could be that she has her own reason of doing so but of course it is never an excuse. The major factor would be I think the compensation which is not enough to suffice their needs, they are not satisfied with what is being provided to them. As far as I know, government hospital offers better compensation compared to public institutions. This is a sad scenario for her but what is right should be imposed. Now she may have lost her incom...
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