Biodegradable Christmas

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6 Dec 2016 - General

Christmas is not just a season to be celebrated but it is all about feelings. Feelings of being delighted and be priviledged enough to welcome the birth of the Messiah. Feelings of being thankful for the graces we've received all throughout the year. For those who believe in the spirit of Christmas, the happiest feast of the year has come. Sadly as years go by, these feelings had been forgotten by some.

Our hospital has recently launched a parol making contests in each unit in the hospital. The SPHI waste management committee aims to promote their environmental advocacy by:

  • Strict observance of proper waste segregation
  • Conservation of resources through creative recycling
  • Training of staff and personnel on responsible waste management
  • Promotes true spirit of cooperation and teamwork
  • Maintain the cleanliness and orderliness in each unit/department

By conducting this simple contest, it is about time to be united once again. Forming a family outside our home in the presence of each and everyone. 

The winners of the said contest will be announced during the hospital Christmas party.