Nurses: How to handle the different personalities at your workplace

Nurses: How to handle the different personalities at your workplace

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Differences in personality may give rise to unwanted conflicts among nursing personnel and consequently result in sub-optimal care of patients. Thus, it is essential for nurses to know how to handle different personalities at a workplace.
7 Dec 2016 - General
I agree with the opinions saying that diverse personalities should be good opportunities in the workplace not a threat. Each personality can be fitted into the system differently while keeping the harmonious pace going. Being flexible with different personalities is essential in the healthcare field. Healthcare professionals in general, doctors and nurses in particular have to deal with various kinds of people everyday. We should try to understand the different and perhaps opposing points of vie...
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Different personalities can be great for a workplace because it allows there to be many different opinions and ideas. It’s just important to remember that everyone is working towards the same thing: the wellness of patients and rendering quality healthcare services. Above all, most people just want to know they are being heard. People have different areas of expertise, that’s the value of working on a team. One person can’t know it all or do it all, so everyone needs to respect each other’s stre...
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Kathleen Peralta I understand your plight since you are working with people from different cultures. It's especially hard if the people you are working with feel superior than you because they have a racist attitude. Have you encountered that situation in your practice? In my practice, if there are differences, mutual respect and amicable conversation usually work. However, I have limited experience in worki...
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Teamwork starts with the ability to overlook peculiarities of co-workers and respect the differences. Healthcare professionals should be mature enough to practice diplomacy in times of disagreement. Name calling and making personal banters are not how mature individuals handle difficulties. Discussing the problem face-to-face with a person one disagrees in a calm and tactful manner with is the best remedy for settling misunderstandings. It also avoids hear-says that might aggravate the tumultuou...
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