The 10 habits of a great doctor

The 10 habits of a great doctor

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Becoming a great doctor takes more than just accumulating knowledge and experience. Here is a list of 10 habits to adopt in pursuit of this goal.
7 Dec 2016 - General
Truly those are the habits that a doctor should possess. Honesty, good clear communication and kindness are really important. It is best to explain to your patient what is going on with them despite them not raising any questions. There are times when doing so would urge them to ask. Jemelyn Mae Sodusta well yes many doctors are late but it isn't fair to say that all are late as I know quite a lot of doctors ...
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Jemelyn Mae Sodusta Thank you for raising that question. I believe that doctors who come in late either are attending to an emergency or just habitually late. It is better to assume the former since most doctors run into emergencies, especially those in the field of internal medicine, obstetrics, and surgery. Most are commonly courteous to relay this information via their secretaries. As for those who are habitu...
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There's this doctor or shall I say a surgeon at work that I look up to. Everybody in the department likes him as he is just soooooo kind. He never gets impatient, he is never demanding, work on what is given of him (resources wise) and doesn't make a fuss if an alternative is to be used. Most of all, he treats each patient as VIP, whether it is the mom of hospital's CEO or an average elderly woman. It isn't easy to be great and I know every doctor will have bad days so I would un...
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Madhubabu kaaja the article mentioned very beneficial tips which enhance and concentrate on communication skills.
If these tips are well applied and followed not just at work but in general life, relationships will be more persistent and stronger.
Doctors and patients relationships are very sensitive sense it is not easy that patients trust doctors and believe his worlds unless the doctor way helped him a...
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I have one question to raise. Why is it that all doctors don't come on their clinic on time? Usually the clinic says they are open from 8am-12nn. However, when you are already in their clinic, the secretary will just tell you that the doctor is not around yet and you have to wait for atleast 30mins-1hour. Sometimes it can reach up to 2 hours. And sometimes even if you got an appointment, still they fail to come on time. What do you think is the problem? ...
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