PH: Drug-addiction management seminars for dependents, families

PH: Drug-addiction management seminars for dependents, families

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The Department of Health (DOH) is pilot-testing a public health seminar specifically for drug dependents and their families regarding the management of their addiction.
7 Dec 2016 - General
The article says, “A Yale University lecturer in psychiatry, Sally Satel, said motivation is the key, and dependents simply “walk away” from their addiction after realization that other aspects of their life were getting severely compromised with drug dependency” . I have a feeling that a large part of the drug dependents are unemployed, underemployed or have low hope in life. The use of drugs is at times used to fill a negative void in the individual. If a a negative habit is removed, it will c...
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Madhubabu kaaja I agree that families should be involved in the treatment of people with substance use disorder. In addition to what was already done, I think that the government should start putting up residential treatment centers for these people, given their number. I am certain that at present we do not have enough rehabilitative facilities, and it is one important aspect of treatment that needs to be addres...
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