Common Cancer Drugs Could Help Ovaries To Produce New Eggs: Study

Common Cancer Drugs Could Help Ovaries To Produce New Eggs: Study

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Women treated with a common chemotherapy drug combination may have more young eggs in their ovaries afterward, a new study has found. Scientists found evidence that the drug therapy turned back the developmental clock, making the
7 Dec 2016 - General
This sounds like an exciting breakthrough in a very high impact journal but it still has a long road clinical applications. I would wonder what would be the outcomes of the eggs which are developed. Would they have any genetic problems which could af...
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A Rajinda said, this discovery may open new doors for future research to find new drugs to improve fertility. It is not that these chemotherapeutics drugs do not come with a cost, but when it comes to medicine it is always a decision between harm ver...
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This would be a good news who are suffering from subfertility. But there are pros and cons of using anti cancer drugs. They can suppress bone marrow leading the reduction of the production of the all cell lines of the circulatory system. They can hav...
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The research team is now hoping to understand the mechanism behind their findings. The researchers say it is too soon to link the outcome to fertility, but they believe more researches required for better understanding of the findings and their impli...
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