Patient Safety May Drop During Doc Rotations

Patient Safety May Drop During Doc Rotations

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Study suggests patient care info might not be relayed to new team, boosting risk of in-hospital death
7 Dec 2016 - General
I believe doctors have their comprehensive endorsement of patients if another shift is going to end. Just like us nurses, we are having our endorsement when our shift ends. All procedures, laboratories, preparations, etc are being endorsed. There is ...
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Sadly we cannot avoid doctor rotations in the wards. There so much one doctor can do and we definitely need to rest between shifts. What we can do to minimize harm to the patient during these rotations is to have a comprehensive summary of each patie...
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Doctor Rotation is also an issue when we talk about hospital care. According to the latest report, patient complains that they suffer a lot during doctor rotation as the new doctor and other members of health care team don’t know about them and they ...
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