5 common ailments that affect nurses

5 common ailments that affect nurses

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Nurses may forget to look after their own well beings at times when they are too focused on caring for the patients. Here are five of the most common ailments that affect nurses, which should be remedied quickly to prevent them from becoming more serious issues down the road.
8 Dec 2016 - General
I guess we are all stricken by this article. We should not let our body suffer. Even if we take care of others health, we should not forget that our body needs some help too. So when you experience back or neck pain, take a rest and have a massage. When you think you was exposed to a contagious diseases and accidentally prick sharp objects, get tested as soon as possible. Stress, fatigue and negative emotions? Better take an out of town break. Unwind in another place which make you forgot your p...
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Nursing profession is a busy schedule of 12 hours and a tough job to perform. As I know and as per my understanding nurses can affected by leg pain, headaches and stress. Leg pain is due to their walk more than miles to each patient from their nursing station for monitoring, caring and for medications etc. But usually pains will gone by next day after sleep. If pain is not reduced or still worsening for subsequently then nurse should concern about this. What are your experiences with aliments wi...
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