Nursing Revalidation

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8 Dec 2016 - General

I have just finished completing all the necessary paperworks for my revalidation and made me realise that this is a good way of ensuring healthcare professionals' competence to practice. In UK, NMC revalidation was commenced this year to all practicing nurses and midwives. As part of the process, professionals should provide proof that they have worked at least 450 hours over a 3 year period, reflective practices, feedbacks and training hours which 20 hours of it should be participatory. What is it like in other countries?

Yes Marinelle Castro, there are nursing practitioners, nurse prescribers etc. This revalidation was just implemeneted last year and has made the media which I think is useful as the public ...
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Kathleen Peralta Unfortunately, we do not have the same nursing revalidation in the country. From what I learned, the renewal of nursing license in our country only requires a few document...
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