Reconnecting Individuals to the Healthcare System

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8 Dec 2016 - General

There is a common misconception that General Practitioners are of lesser importance than specialists in the context of Singapore. This is untrue, as GPs do hold an important role in diagnosing chronic illnesses, and acute illnesses at times. Subsequent to participating in the Neighbourhood Health Screening 2016, it was noticed that many people were unaware of their predilection of diabetes mellitus or even hyperlipidemia. Upon diagnosis, the GP plays an important role in reconnecting the individual back to the healthcare system by offering salient advice and medication if required. Acute ailments though rare are sometimes diagnosed by GPs, cases of Acute Myocardial Infarction, for example, have been redirected to the hospital for prompt treatment.

This is true in my country as well. Unlike in developed countries like the united kingdom, we do not have a proper hierarchy of medical care in the private sector. One can decide what their problem is and directly go to a specialist, even though thei...
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Logically, GPs play a important role in the community in the treatment of many conditions. However, this is often not what the state thinks. As the common saying goes, put your money where your mouth is, even though certain governments stress the imp...
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Be it any disease, GP play an important role in the entire health care set up. In India, GP's are the doctors whom the general prublic goes for the advice and treatment at the first step. And after laboratory studies and work up, the GP feels tha...
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