PH businesses help government in drug rehab centre construction

PH businesses help government in drug rehab centre construction

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The Philippine government’s campaign against illegal drugs has found backers among top local businesses, specifically in building much-needed rehabilitation centers for hundreds of thousands of drug user-surrenderees.
9 Dec 2016 - General
It is good that the private sector is supportive of the national government's efforts in combatting substance abuse in the country. Since there are a lot of documented people with substance abuse disorder in the country, financial resources are necessary to meet the healthcare demands of these people. To be practical about this, I think that residential facilities can be used for community rehabilitation. This has been done in Western countries and they are of value in treating substance use...
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Under the new administrative goverment, their campaign on drugs has become their priority. It does not only cater to remove it from our society but also the governement would love to help our fellow filipino people to recover from their wrongdoings. Thanks and good thing to the private sectors who showed love and empathy with our fellow being who have voluntarily surrendered themselves in the government. As being mentioned, only those who are habitusl users and not the addictive ones are being c...
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