6 rare and bizarre skin conditions

6 rare and bizarre skin conditions

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Skin disorders can vary greatly in symptoms and severity. They can also be temporary or permanent and depending on the condition, be painless or painful.
9 Dec 2016 - General
Thank you for this interesting article. Indeed, diagnosing skin conditions like eczema may prove difficult for some doctors, not to mention diagnosing such rare conditions. Our general practitioners should perhaps be in charge of diagnosing and managing skin conditions which are easier to deal with. Rarer cases and more serious ones should be dealt with by a specialist. Serious eczema should be dealt with by a specialist, as individuals with serious eczema are vulnerable to fluctuating condition...
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Marinelle Castro I agree with you. Among the diseases mentioned in this article, I have also only come across cases of vitiligo. However, as a doctor, it is important to have the knowledge of all the diseases, even those which are rare in occurrence. Many times, the diagnosis and the treatment of the rare diseases becomes difficult due to the lack of clinical researches and studies done on these diseases. It was ...
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