Kidney failure: A Singapore journey

Kidney failure: A Singapore journey

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Singapore has one of the highest rates of kidney failure across the world, due to increasing number of people being afflicted with diabetes and hypertension. A study has found that people are not at a higher risk of kidney failure or dying if they donated one kidney, and the donor’s kidney function returned to 75% of pre-donation levels after five years for 40% of the donors, and it is hoped that these findings can encourage more people to become living donors.
10 Dec 2016 - General
The problem of organ transplantation is one that is complex. A solution which depends only on the goodwill on individuals will be hard to carry out. It would be good for the development of a incentive based system for the exchange of organs before ar...
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I am afraid that regaining 75% of predonation renal abilities in 40% of patients and after 5 years may be not as encouraging as the researches might hope!! In my opinion, the main motive for donation will remain one of three reasons. Donating for the...
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