Real talk of nurses

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10 Dec 2016 - General

Years may have swiftly passed and people may simply come and go. Some may have shifted their career paths, others still trying to search for what their hearts long for.

Nurses as the key

Nurses being recognized as key members of healthcare team and defines how good a hospital operates are finally getting the recognition that they deserve. However recognition may not be enough to live their lives as they always wanted. Being one of the most selfless yet rewarding profession, nurses has been always left out in terms of salary cap for some countries. Though receiving a simple smile and a tap at your back from a patient can boost your confidence and even make your heart melt, it is always way far better to receive just compensation at the same time along with it. 

The score

So what's the real score behind this most talked about issue in every nursing career? No wonder others may have shifted their paths because of the tension the profession offers that could not even make them live their lives decently. Practicality must come in as we are living this dream into reality, and this reality is dying soon.

I wonder if it is only in the Philippines nurses get to work without pay and/or working under the minimum wage. Which country has the worst compensation for nurses in the world?