Post-duty Dilemma

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10 Dec 2016 - General

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Healthcare professionals go through a rigorous schedule. There are duties where the work piles up so much that one cannot afford to sit or eat. After duties like this, we opt to quickly go home. Being home presents the real dilemma- to eat or to sleep. Every person has a different priority after duty. Personally, I would choose to eat then rest a little before sleeping. My reason is that I need to replenish the lost macronutrients since sleeping puts me in a fasted state again. Then, I get to sleep after about 30 minutes and this works perfect for me. I wonder about others in the MIMS community. I would love to hear which between sleeping and eating do you prioritize after a long duty. 

Priscilla Mae Gobuyan It is really a struggle to find something nutritious yet quick to prepare after a duty. As Tahira Nawaz mentioned, we can opt for fruits to avoid patronizing fastfood and empty calorie food often. It is a different story when one comes home dead tired after a shift. During this rare instance, body meets bed r...
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