Glucose control better with Ma-Pi than standard diet

Glucose control better with Ma-Pi than standard diet

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The Ma-Pi macrobiotic dietary intervention offers greater reductions in fasting and postprandial glucose levels compared with a standard diet, although these two diets equally yield improvements in metabolic parameters, with the benefits maintained over 6 months, according to data from the MADIAB follow-up study.
10 Dec 2016 - General
Like the rest of the members here, this is my first time to read bout the Ma-Pi diet. This just goes to show that the manner of cooking contributes a lot to the caloric density and nutritional content of the food we eat. To be practical, it is safe t...
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After being in medicine for all these years, this is the first time I am hearing about a Ma-Pi diet as well. We teach patients to have a balanced diet, but it is not always very easy to describe what it means by a balanced diet. I think it is time we...
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Ma-pi diet. It sounds very similar to the Mediterranean diet which have been making its cycles in diet world for a while. These diets which originate from western environments often cannot be practiced effectively due to the costs of doing so in Asia...
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So far this is my first time to hear about this so called Ma-Pi diet. I wonder why this isn't that famous where in fact it is highly recommended to be better than standard dietary meals. We may be practicing the legumes, crops, sesame oil diet bu...
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