Most doctors with mental health issues do not seek treatment

Most doctors with mental health issues do not seek treatment

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The healthcare profession is a stressful career, but physicians suffering from mental health issues often deny themselves from seeking help due to fears of stigma and lack of privacy.
11 Dec 2016 - General
Madhubabu kaaja I think the author was trying to stress the point that gender inequity at work contributes to additional stress for women. It is really prudent for doctors who suffer from mental health to seek treatment; however, social stigma with psychiatric consult prevent doctors from doing so as one will be deemed incompetent by patients and peers. The author was right in stating that a doctor's competenc...
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This post stating about mental health in women doctors only. What is your opinion on male doctors mental health and are they seeking any help or not? Women doctors embarrassing to consult and being afraid of their medical boards. It is general people psychology and activity to do like this. But out of 50 percent people only 6 percent people disclosed about this I am not happy. Hiding mental health is not a good way as a doctor and to think a way to get treated. No body is supreme and we are al...
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Mahmoud AbdelAziz This is truly a problem for the medical community. Multiple studies have identified high rates of suicide and other mental illnesses amongst physicians. A recent study( has also identified high rates of depression in medical students. I believe that the major barriers to seeking treatment would be perception of incompetence by the lic...
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