Swiss government plan to reduce doctors' visits

Swiss government plan to reduce doctors' visits

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20 Minutes. Some Swiss politicians would like to focus minds on the costs of going to the doctor to reduce the number going for the most minor of reasons. Their plan would require deductible
11 Dec 2016 - General
If patient's frequently visits doctors, then that could mean that its either they are not satisfied with the current treatment, or they are ignorant of expectations with regards to their disease. Increasing the deductables for managed care can cu...
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In my point of view, this step might increase or fluctuate number of patients in the hospital. If some people can't afford to atleast get checked, then more probably they might infect others as well or they can be severely ill. I don't know h...
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Just found out that deductible means the amount that has to be paid by the individual. I think the move to make the deductible more sensible one that is likely to succeed in its objectives if they manage to push through their parliament. They might h...
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