The true “long-release” drug release pill has arrived

The true “long-release” drug release pill has arrived

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A multi-dose capsule that has the potential to solve one of medicine’s greatest problems – delivering oral drugs over an extended period of time with just one dose – has been created.
11 Dec 2016 - General
The post is being old news which posted by Fedelic Ashish Toppo a month ago as Starshaped capsule can deliver medicine for weeks after swallowing. The technology is newest that I have seen to make haste retention by changing capsule shape from oval to star shape. I have seen abstract of this invention which is published in Science translational medicine. Ivermectin, an antiparasitic drug formulated as long lastin...
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William CHUI Thanks for your good question. Yes, the pill is actually designed to stay in the stomach for many days but during this stay, the drug is being slowly released to the GIT lumen so it passes through the small intestine and continue the normal pathway freely as the chemical drug without the capsule itself. The pill in this case acts only as a slow releasing carrier situated in the stomach for its prev...
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Theekshana Abayawickrama Your idea is coming true. The capsule is primarily designed to expand into a star-shaped form after exposure to the acid in the stomach, the outer layer of the capsule dissolves, allowing the six arms to unfold. This transformation prevents it from passing into the small intestine, but allows other food to pass. Future versions of the capsule are expected to provide even longer-lasting dr...
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This star shaped pill will change some rules in the world of medicine. The cooperative efforts between the founder of Microsoft and Boston institutes have made it possible to create this pill. The capsule is designed to take various shapes in its journey through the digestive tract allowing it to release its drug content for days. This pill will help patients with poor compliance as well as patients with memory problems. We need to know that statistics show that only 50% of patients follow their...
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