Running Keeps Your Knee Joints Healthy: Study

Running Keeps Your Knee Joints Healthy: Study

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Running from a tender age and making sure you cover few kilometers everyday can keep your joints and bones healthy. This is what the latest research has to say. "This idea that long-distance running is bad
11 Dec 2016 - General
Well I can check that off my list then. My knees are therefore safe from osteoarthritis :) on a personal note when it comes to regular running I prefer running around a rubber track instead of road running to preserve my knees so to say. Though running promotes remodelling and cartilage growth as mentioned by Theekshana Abayawickrama there is still a greater amount of stress absorbed by our joints in road running...
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According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, repetitive knee injuries are risk factors for developing osteoarthritis. Running per se is not a risk factor for developing OA, but repeated knee injuries that results from vigorous activities have been documented to cause arthritis. Of course there are genetically susceptible individuals. Also, I wonder if the study that was mentioned in the article, took into consideration other factors that can influence results, such as obesity and...
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