A look at childhood cancer in Singapore

A look at childhood cancer in Singapore

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Each year, 180 to 200 children and teenagers in Singapore are diagnosed with cancer. They make up for about 1% of all cancer patients in the country.
11 Dec 2016 - General
Jemelyn Mae Sodusta In India cancer is used to say as Rich Man's Disease as it was seen in rich peoples only but now scenario and history changed any we seeing in all. Research on cancer and availability of drugs, not that much but can able to control at earlier stages is an positive sign for cancer controlling. But children with cancer is unbearable to their parents. We know what is the cancer, how it comes,...
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In the our country, more than 50% of childhood cancers are leukemia. I agree that progression free survival for the treatment have improved over the last couple of years, as documented in several trials. However, unlike Singapore, our country has a lot to improve in its healthcare delivery systems. Based on epidemiologic data, two thirds of patients with childhood cancers seek consultation in the advanced stages of the disease and mortality remains high because approximately 80% abandon treatmen...
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