We'll have an Alzheimer's drug by 2025, experts say

We'll have an Alzheimer's drug by 2025, experts say

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Poor results from recent trials are dashing hopes of a treatment for Alzheimer's, but experts believe we will have some form of drug against the disease by 2025.
11 Dec 2016 - General
Like the majority, I really do hope we'll have a medication for Alzheimers in the near future. We know that investigation in this age group can be very challenging but nothing is impossible and let us just be optimistic that someday, an Alzheimer...
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I share the same optimism as the researchers in the article. It is really challenging to find a cure or formidable treatment for a neurodegenerative disease. Since a degenerative diease is the target, the desired treatment outcomes may take time to m...
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Here in our country especially in rural areas, alzheimers are perceived as normal behaviour of our elderly people. However, there should be a proper education that Alzheimers is a disease affecting the memory and behaviour which leads to nerve cell ...
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As we know scientists are in search of Alzheimer’s drug since a decade but they fail to invent. A multiple failed trials by researchers even have not lost their hope and they are struggling to get an effective treatment of this devastating disease. E...
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