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12 Dec 2016 - General

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Do you know what it feels like to be late for work and your boss asked you to stay 10 minutes more to make your hours up but you have to say no because you a got an appointment with your child? I do! I feel guilty and ashamed. I am not normally tardy but due to transport and childcare issues, I have been late coming in to work several times. Recently, we had an article about parenting and career and I am in this situation. It's so challenging and because of me being late, my boss is keeping an eye on me and I don't want to be on the hot seat. 

Hello Jennifer Winter Heena Pohani Madhubabu kaaja Jemelyn Mae Sodusta... I apologise for a very late reply. I have been busy last week. And worse, my attempt of tr...
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Your situation is completely understandable Kathleen Peralta. You are not alone in that field. It is challenging when you have family responsibilities and although it seems like you are doing your best not to be late there are just unavoidable factors in the way. I try not to be late as it was a problem for me back in medical school as I soooo cherish sleep. During residency I haven't come late to work so far...
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It depends on urgency and needs of me in at the situations. I used to go office on time but some times I go late by 30 min but my office allow 3 late permissions per month. Office fellows consider late if we are a frequent late comers. If my boss ask to go late by 10 min, the 10 min is ok for me which can be adjustable. Where there is an emergency situation and where my presence required without late means, I simply reject to stay. The work may be allotted to some other person or it may be postp...
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You are not the only one guilty of this Kathleen Peralta . :) Eventhough I prepare everything ahead of time, i can't control some other factors that can contribute of me being late. I actually alot 1hour and a half for my travel time. But because of heavy traffic (due to accident or any event that causes this) my alloted time is sometimes not enough which urges me to prepare an explanation letter along the wa...
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