Doctors, shorten your time spent on paperwork with the help of keyboard macros

Doctors, shorten your time spent on paperwork with the help of keyboard macros

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Doctors spend a significant amount of time on documentation and paperwork, and using keyboard macros can make managing documentation a much easier task.
12 Dec 2016 - General
Ah the use of templates. That definitely speeds up the paperworks process almost 10 fold. The issue with this although is dependence on the ease of the templates which makes us more careless in checking our outputs. I have seen many template based paperwork where the typer failed to edit even simple information such as gender or failing to place the appropriate positives and negatives in review of systems. Though despite those errors, as they are just hurdles that need to be jumped over and appr...
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This is true that paperworks consumes our time. And the fact that documentation is routinely done. Using keyboard macros will give you a huge boost in productivity. For the first reason is it saves you time. The command can be saved which allow the user to program sequences of keyboard actions to be replayed. There is also an increase in accuracy. Once you have your macro setup correctly, you’ll never have to worry about a typo or mistake occurring as it will behave the same every time. This wil...
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Technology has been always keeping our lives easy. Even in the healthcare world wherein most of the doctors, nurses and other HCPs spend a lot of time just in documentation. For developing and advanced countries, they have this macro keyboards and for some, they have this computer based charting for documentation purposes. The newly developed macro keyboard is such an alleviating help for us in the healthcare team most especially for nurses and doctors. Imagine how much time and trees are we abl...
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