The working medical student: A practice in passion

The working medical student: A practice in passion

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There are those so passionate about becoming a doctor that they will take on the extra challenge of working while studying medicine, just to prove they can be successful at both.
12 Dec 2016 - General
"If there is a will there is a way." It may be frustrating and seemingly hopeless to those who do not have the finances to support them through medical school. Its not only the tuition or the medical books they need to think of its their basic needs as well. If becoming a doctor is something someone really wants there are ways to make that happen. There are scholarships out there or if that is too hard to obtain, as they get competitive, doing part time or working one year then studyin...
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This kind of stories are just one of the few inspiring thoughts over time. At first maybe after college, it maybe hard to find what your heart is longing for or know about your passion. For some it could be instant but for some it may require some time to finally realize that, this is it! This what makes me happy! These two inspiring stories of passionate individuals aspiring to become successful in the field that they have chosen simply reminds us not to quit and never stop trying. We are only ...
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