Pharmacists versus automation: The battle so far

Pharmacists versus automation: The battle so far

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Since the beginning of the industrial revolution, there has been much contemplation on the possibility that some form of automation could replace human beings as the main workforce. Today, robotic replacement is prevalent in many sectors, but how applicable is this to pharmacy?
12 Dec 2016 - General
Mark Edmon Tan robots may assist pharmacist to aid accurate and fast working or maintaining pharmacy but complete replacement can not be made now as ...
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The article has stated numerous times that dispensing medicine is a repetitive and mundane job. I beg to disagree because dispensing medications not only includes checking of prescription and number to be dispensed. Pharmacists also check if the drug...
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Tahira Nawaz Everywhere including healthcare is being automatic and in future we can see automated with a vast development in robotic technologies. As you said there exists some problematic...
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Pharmacy does not mean a pharmacy store or medical store and I don’t think so there is any substitute for this profession. The automation or use of technology in medical stores is a good way to lessen the burden over a professional but it is hard to ...
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