Is overprescribing for the benefit of doctors or their patients?

Is overprescribing for the benefit of doctors or their patients?

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The overprescription epidemic by doctors rages on despite a multitude of evidence disapproving such practices, suggesting overprescribing is not an issue of knowledge or skill, and that strategies to overcome this problem should instead focus on human behaviour.
12 Dec 2016 - General
This has been very rampant nowadays wherein doctors tend to give overprescribing of antibiotics plus starting high end antibiotics on the first handling of the patient. Some wouldn't even do any blood culture tests and it is hard for them to choose what type of antibiotics to be given to treat the illness only to find out in the end they are resistant. This has happened to me before that I was given four days of intravenous cefuroxime wherein I eventually wasn't able to respond well to t...
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As Jemelyn Mae Sodusta it is not benefited to everyone until unless patient is in emergency under lifesaving. In recent years over prescribing medicines has raised and it increased cost to patient and government. If we not controlled it will become uncontrollable and serious problem as said by Tahira Nawaz To identify the reasons ...
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Tahira Nawaz I agree with you that physicians need more education to lower this phenomenon. One of the effective tactics doctors can follow is to place a signed poster in their exam rooms pledging to follow standard guidelines on antibiotic prescription and showing the consequences of unnecessary antibiotics. This tactic, which pressured doctors to act consistently with their own publicly stated commitments, can...
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Of course overprescribing doesn't really benefit anyone on the long term but can lead to short sighted profit either financially to the doctor and pharmacist or psychologically to the patients. The survey led by Dr Qaseem has revealed to some extent the prevalence of overprescription over the united states. The results can be also reflected on the trends in the rest of the world. Needless to say that antibiotics when prescribed unnecessarily for nonbacterial infections like the common cold,...
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