Healthcare professionals, what should you consider when choosing a workplace?

Healthcare professionals, what should you consider when choosing a workplace?

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Be it a public hospital, private hospital or healthcare centre, a good working environment will allow you to excel at your duties and make your job more enjoyable. Here are some things to consider to ensure you choose the best workplace for you.
12 Dec 2016 - General
It is really crucial on your development when selecting a hospital to work with. It is important to consider the physical environment, where you work, including your workspace and common work areas shared with others and as well as your workplace culture. You work with different people from doctors, superiors and co-workers and your relationships with them affect your productivity. If you enjoy your work, feel as though you're making an important contribution to the organization and get alon...
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Those are definitely very important points to consider when selecting a hospital. Those are also the same points to look at when selecting a residency training program. I find it is best to find a work environment which is well balanced for the development of clinical skills as well as academic advancement. Hospitals with a good research program is a good plus. I don't know if I missed it but I believe the article didn't talk about income. Definitely we should consider all those factors ...
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This is an informative and beneficial article for me. I do agree that nobody wanted to be stucked in a workplace for 5-10 years right? Before sending applications or accepting any job offer, it is very important to look for the history and background of that hospital. Plus the feedback being given by the workers. For me, it is not just about the money. Although need it for our lives to be stabilized until the end. I would value and give importance more on the environment, the learnings that I ma...
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Working environment is a very sensitive contributing factor to your successful career. Choosing the right place can save lots of unnecessary headache especially if your personality is not easily adaptive. Besides the very useful tips mentioned in the article, considering the location of the workplace is crucial for some people. Some healthcare professionals especially at the beginning of their careers cannot stay away from their home cities and families for long times. That is why they shouldn’t...
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