5 medical discoveries that saved the lives of millions

5 medical discoveries that saved the lives of millions

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People in the modern day have a longer lifespan, and this achievement is in part due to the multitude of life-saving, breakthrough discoveries by scientists worldwide.
13 Dec 2016 - General
These are interesting narratives that are really inspiring for healthcare professionals like us to advance the sciences through research. In this article, I especially admire Dr. Billy Marshall for having the grit to test the hypothesis on himself. I...
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In olden days life span is more but diseases with unknown causes and unknown modes likely to attack them. There is no medicine for that as research was at starting steps. It is good to see compilation of top 5 medical discoveries that saving millions...
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The trials to find cure for human diseases have started as early as humans known to exist. Throughout history, diseases were competing with wars on the first place killer to humankind. Thankfully, this knowledge has accumulated through the ages and e...
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