Is Hong Kong ready for home chemotherapy?

Is Hong Kong ready for home chemotherapy?

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Due to the increasingly early detection of cancer, improving cancer survival and an ageing population, the number of cancer patients is increasing in Hong Kong, posing a significant burden on hospital care. In order to alleviate demand, the concept of home chemotherapy has been put forward as an alternative for inpatient treatment.
13 Dec 2016 - General
Thanks for sharing the link Hayes Chu . I've read the article and it is really beneficial to those who will receive the chemotherapy sessions at home. No more hassle, time saver and it can be given to the comfort of their homes. As for the nurses who's going to monitor and administer the session, four hour drive is nothing if you can see your patients happy you coming over to serve them. I hope this will ...
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Thanks Jemelyn Mae Sodusta and Priscilla Mae Gobuyan! True, having well-trained healthcare professionals in place is one of the major requirements in delivering home chemotherapy. Indeed, this reminds me of a story I read months ago regarding tele-health-delivered chemotherapy (
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Hayes Chu Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this issue sir! Well some hospitals in the Philippines aren't that overburdened with cancer patients but is overburdened with other cases. However I am not sure if how much are the cancer patients in some of the regions in the country. It could be one of the reasons why homebased chemotherapy isn't yet being practiced nor further trainings isn't provided. ...
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Priscilla Mae Gobuyan Thanks for sharing the situation in the Philippines! One of the major reasons why these doctors are proposing home chemotherapy as an alternative is because hospitals in Hong Kong are seriously overburdened. I'm not sure if this is the same in the Philippines. If not, I guess this is why home chemotherapy has not caught much attention in the Philippines yet? Are there any other motivatio...
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I think those two countries are highly advanced and far enough to be able to cater chemotherapy at home. Being in a third world country, it is difficult to deliver homebased chemotherapy. Even the barangay health workers aren't able to deliver homecare to every household in the community. Less community experience and trainings too. For our hospital, we have recently opened a cancer institute clinic together with the hospital. The only cancer clinic in the region. Our colleagues who were per...
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cancer patients usually receive chemotherapy treatment at hospitals under close monitoring. New findings showed that providing chemotherapy at home has become more popular in some countries like the UK and Australia. The trend aims mainly to integrate cancer patients within their usual societies to decrease their feeling of isolation. Of course this is a good step towards more convenience for the patients but healthcare providers should be extra cautious with their patients' conditions and v...
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