Shortening the hiring process in healthcare institutions

Shortening the hiring process in healthcare institutions

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If healthcare institutions follow a few basic guidelines right from the start of the hiring process, it does not have to be time-consuming and/or tiring to find the right candidate for their hospitals or clinics.
13 Dec 2016 - General
I agree that putting up job vacancies in social media accounts are a great way to spread the news. In the Philippines, we have a dedicated facebook page that is strictly for doctors to inform about temporary job postings and residency vacancies. A lot of doctors have benefited from this site as it is convenient to search for jobs in proximity or in available dates. The trend is to go digital in order for the hospital to increase the number of applicants and subsequently the chance to land qualif...
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Hospitals and clinics will notice it each wearying and frustrating to rent staff. whereas things became easier with the emergence of accomplishment websites like Monster, so and Fastjobs, the issues of skill-mismatch or a wage expectation match area unit still terribly current. It will get very frustrating after they want associate pressing backup, however the candidates don't possess the desired ability sets, expertise or degree. However, hiring doesn't need to be a long and wearying me...
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