Clinician tips from a medical professor

Clinician tips from a medical professor

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One of a medical professor's goals is to develop future physicians who rely not only on technology but their skills and knowledge for accurate diagnosis and treatment.
13 Dec 2016 - General
This is a great article. Listening to a patient's story may enable us to come to a better diagnosis, often in times doctors rush through the consultation to save time. This is prevalent especially when a clinic gets extremely busy. Healthcare pro...
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Definitely teachers and professors work hard to make a student a good doctor or good physician. The tips mentioned for the correct diagnosis will surely be helpful to everyone. All the steps that are taught in the books about diagnosis like history t...
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I agree that history and physical exam are very important in arriving at the correct diagnosis. Lab tests are just add ons. In my clinical experience, doing an accurate history taking and a comprehensive neurological exam enables me to localize the n...
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