A look at healthcare systems across Asia

A look at healthcare systems across Asia

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There is no denying that medical tourism has become a big deal over the past few years. With competitive rates and attractive facilities, it comes as no surprise that Asia has become a prime location and key player in this industry. Let’s take a look at several healthcare systems across Asia, and the strengths and areas open to improvement in each.
13 Dec 2016 - General
This is a very concise article. I have to say that is objective and well-researched :) I agree with Heena Pohani that Singapore seems to have the best health care system among the Asian countries. Savings should really be made by the citizens for possible medical expenses. We have to accept the fact that our respective resources are limited and we have to share some expenses. I wish our country's healthcare s...
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Very informative article. I was fascinated to read about the various health care systems followed in the Asian countries. Definitely, the health care system of Singapore, Malaysia seems to be better than other Asian countries. The quality of care at an affordable price is what makes medical tourism famous in Asian countries. In India too, dental tourism is on a rise. Affordable dental treatment is available to patients. However, the general health care system is not so strong like other Asian co...
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