Is the blame culture infiltrating your healthcare workplace?

Is the blame culture infiltrating your healthcare workplace?

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Blame culture exists when employees focus too much on the “who” rather than the “what” or “why” whenever errors/problems occur at work. The medical community can suffer if this culture is pervasive in healthcare institutions.
13 Dec 2016 - General
I do agree that this is very unhealthy in every healthcare unit. We embody a healthcare team to help one another. If this is present, the efficiency and teamwork may be compromised. Human as we are, we commit mistakes, we are unique and have individu...
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For a healthcare setting a blame culture can be very unhealthy. We are dealing with live human beings, so as healthcare professionals, while being extra careful to not do any mistakes, we have to be humble and responsible to accept our mistakes and d...
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Blame culture works like a termite in destroying the work culture. Instead of putting the blame on the colleagues and escaping from the situation, it is wise to take the responsibility of the situation. The blame game can also spoil relationship with...
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I guess we have discussed this issue before on this community from another perspective. Blame culture is thriving not only in schools and homes but also in workplaces. Sometimes people get absorbed in blaming and expressing their anger so the forget ...
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