Exposure of Year One Medical Students to General Surgery

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13 Dec 2016 - General

A Year One medical student of mine recently went for a suturing workshop held during the school holidays.

She commented that it was tough trying to absorb all the different knots and suturing styles. However, she did learn a little more about the different types of sutures, their classifications and which was appropriate for which procedure. It was commented that suturing remains a less studied subject by the majority of medical students who feel that it will not be tested in examinations. 

If a student were to be interested in surgery, how can he/she practise suturing and tying surgical knots with the limited resources available? Buying the suture and needles required, or even a dummy would be far too costly for any student, so what would be a good substitute then?

Trust me, I never learned suturing as a medical student! :D We also had these skills development session and they taught us how to do different methods of suturing on an artificial skin. I could confidently suture on a piece of mattress but doing it ...
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Chih Chiang Nieh Surgery is a field which require much handiwork and hence important to do lots of practice. I wonder where the medical student is coming from, but suitable substitutes are...
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