5 common stumbling blocks for smokers who want to quit

5 common stumbling blocks for smokers who want to quit

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Here are some common misconceptions about tobacco consumption which may prevent patients from quitting smoking that healthcare professionals can help to advise them about
14 Dec 2016 - General
Quitting smoking is not easy, as anyone who has tried to can attest. Presenting this misconceptions might change their mind however, when they managed to stop we need to inform them that first week may actually be the hardest. That’s when the nicotine is in your system the most, and the first couple days are actually the worst of all. The pull of nicotine is the strongest during those first crucial days, and if you can get through them, you may actually be able to conquer your habit. But when yo...
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I would like to share a link on the misconceptions that some smokers have:
Some smokers have misconceptions that additives in cigarettes is what kills, and thus they opt for options which are natural or additive free. However, what they do not know is that tobacco is the lethal compound. This misconception is more inherent in smokers than non-smokers and perhaps could be the main reas...
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Another helpful article for those who have difficulties to quit smoking. All the wrong belief and misconceptions should be cleared out before finally realizing to stop the habit. The habit can cause too much addiction that will make it difficult for them to minimize or even just taper down the act. It is better to educate and present to them the reality one could get from nonstop smoking and a good support system also. An advice from the physician, nurses and friends could also be a factor for t...
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