Malaysia hopes to be HIV/AIDS-free by 2030

Malaysia hopes to be HIV/AIDS-free by 2030

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The Ministry of Health also expressed gratitude to local NGOs for helping spread the message of safe sex, particularly the use of condoms - as it was always a challenge for the ministry to confront the realities of the sexual habits of Malaysians.
14 Dec 2016 - General
Worlds AIDS/HIV day was recently celebrated last December 1 with one goal to eradicate the incidence of HIV/AIDS worldwide. Spreading the word of having safe sex to each and everyone isn't that effective if there is no willingness for the people to help theirselves and even other people. Giving out condoms to people isn't also the answer but abstinence and faithfulness to your partner should be given importance. There is a little percentage of having HIV/AIDS from needle pricks which hos...
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