Thoracic ultrasound may aid evaluation of complicated pneumonia

Thoracic ultrasound may aid evaluation of complicated pneumonia

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Thoracic ultrasound (US) may be a useful tool to further evaluate pulmonary complications in complicated pneumonia, especially chest X-ray results are inconclusive, according to a presentation at the 21st Congress of the Asian Pacific Society of Respirology (APSR 2016) held in Bangkok, Thailand.
14 Dec 2016 - General
When I was a general surgery resident, we routinely request chest ultrasound of patients who have radgiographic evidence of pleural fluid effusion. We also use this modality to estimate the amount of effusion, and if thoracentesis of chest tube inser...
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Thoracic US is a highly recommended when chest X ray becomes unable to clarify pneumonia. It can clearly visualise pleural fluids where by helpful for doctors to diagnose and treat in a better way. I think it is more clear than CT scanning. What are ...
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Chest ultrasounds aren't that popular in looking for pulmonary edema and other lung complications. Computed Tomography are the first line of diagnostics for most of them. It could be either plain or with contrast. Introducing dye to a patients bo...
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