5 warning signs physicians could be heading towards burnout

5 warning signs physicians could be heading towards burnout

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Some doctors gradually find themselves losing the enthusiasm they had from medical school, mocking and losing empathy for their patients, going through the motions of a job they no longer enjoy. Doctors need to acknowledge and prevent burnout before entering a downward spiral in their careers.
14 Dec 2016 - General
You may be suffering from burnout, if constant stress has you feeling helpless and completely exhausted. When you’re burned out, problems seem unbeatable, everything looks depressing, and it’s difficult to muster up the energy to care. The feeling of...
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Aside from the items what were mentioned in the article, one sign of physician burnout is a decrease or loss of productivity. I have seen this happen and another telltale sign of an impending burnout is when the quality of healthcare service decrease...
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This may not only apply to physicians but also anyone in the healthcare team. Burnout could be just a margin away from our senses and if we allow it to invade and enter ourselves, we're going to suffer. As being mentioned in the article, treating...
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Physicians are a symbol of health, wellbeing and reliability. In addition to being trained in an environment of self-reliance, the need to maintain perfect self-images encourages physicians to hide weaknesses and struggles, landing them on a path to ...
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